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According to Bamisile, the designer must be visiting site regularly for examinations to ensure that in general, the work being carried out on website is in compliance with architectural styles and specifications.Role of Engineering Professionals
Bamisile (2004) noted that during the construction stage, engineers (geotechnical, structural, electrical and mechanical) should visit the website routinely for examinations to guarantee that in general, is in compliance with their engineering illustrations, schedules and spec. A Structural Engineer ought to be interested in the monitoring and making sure that the design (structural) performance requirements are met in the building and construction methods and materials. Similarly, the mechanical and electrical engineer should keep an eye on the type and ways of setting up mechanical and electrical setups so regarding ensure that it adheres to their styles and specifications.
Function of the Contractor
The core function of a contractor in any building and construction project is Structure Production Management. An integral part of management is keeping an eye on. A contractor needs to be worried about monitoring and examining the construction job. He ought to have the ability to use the different tracking strategies to accomplish the goals. A home builder needs to be completely aware and proficient with the various building and construction professionals and their matching agreement documents so that their application can be properly kept track of.
Function of the Amount Surveyor
An Amount Surveyor is interested in the amounts and expense associated in a construction job. As an expense specialist, the Quantity Surveyor keeps an eye on the expense of every aspects of a building and construction project. He does this so that Additional reading the total expense of production does not go beyond the estimated cost.
Areas of Monitoring of the Building Project

A building and construction task is thought about effective if it satisfies defined requirements to the necessary standard (quality) within the time and expense budget plan. These specifications

quality, cost and time are critical and must for that reason be kept an eye on as they specify the success level of any construction project.
1. Construction Quality
For tracking of quality to be efficient, it should be determined versus a requirement. The Task Quality Management Plan acts as a requirement versus which the quality of a construction task can be measured. Quality in a construction job depends upon a series of variables and includes far more than the easy specifications such as the visible requirement of surfaces, structural strength, or making of elements fit within close tolerances. The monitoring of quality should welcome all the aspects by which a building project is evaluated consisting of spatial arrangement, blood circulation, performance, aesthetic appeals, flexibility as well as its functional capability as an environment modifier and as an ideal structure. Besides the Job Quality Management Plan, agreement and job specifications also offer a criterion by which to assess and assure the quality of a building and construction task.
2. Building and construction Expense

For control and tracking functions, the comprehensive expense quote ought to be converted to a project spending plan, and the job budget is utilized subsequently as a guide for management. The comprehensive cost estimate must supply a standard for the assessment of financial performance during a building and construction project. Expenditures throughout the course of the job should be taped in particular job expense accounts and this ought to be compared to the original in-depth cost quotes. When the expense are within the in-depth cost estimate, the cost and financing of a building task is thought to be kept an eye on and under control.
3. Building Time
Building typically involves a due date for work completion, so building and construction managers must require attention to time. More generally, a delay in building represents additional costs due to late center occupancy and other factors. The duration of activities should for that reason be monitored and compared to expected durations so that the task is finished within the time required.

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